Friday, 22 April 2016

Looking at Light

I've been blogging less lately. I've been busy which is good, busy is definitely good. It's not as if I've stopped taking photographs, I take hundreds of them, my computer hard drive is weighed down with photo megabytes. Taking photos keeps me centred, makes me happy, keeps me looking at the world in a different way, seeing details I might otherwise miss. 

Like this. Winter lace, lace curtains.

And this. A horse's shadow, up by the Sacré Coeur.

Spring is most definitely here, the light in the mornings has changed. A few weeks ago I took this photo early in the morning.

The other day, at about the same time, I took this photo from the same spot. 

Before developing this passion for taking photos I don't think I appreciated the way the light changes at different times of day and throughout the year. Early morning light at this time of year is beautiful, bright, crisp and full of hope.

Rue l'Abreuvoir.

Allée de Brouillards.

Rue Saint Vincent.

Soon there will be leaves on this tree and the Eiffel Tower will be no longer be visible from this point. In the mean time, I'll enjoy the view of La Grande Dame, and take more photos!

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Sunday, 14 February 2016

Cranes at Clichy-Batignolles

The other morning I walked with Child No. 2 to his school. The sun was just rising and the sky was cloudless. I decided to take a long loop home and walk through the new-ish Clichy Batignolles park, also known as the Martin Luther King park or to our family the Ramp Park with its excellent skate ramps.

Construction is going on all around this park. To the North is the Palais de Justice designed by Renzo Piano as well as the extension of the Metro Line 14.

To the east apartment blocks and to the west more apartment and office blocks. There are cranes everywhere, reaching high up into the sky, red and yellow. 

As ever I was with my camera, not sure what would grab my attention. As it turned out it was a combination of cranes and puddles and ponds.

And now, time to play a little with the mind. The world upside down.

Saturday, 28 November 2015

The Sacré Coeur Up Close

I've been living eight minutes walk from the Sacré Coeur for the past 10 years, however the last time I went up to the top was in 1981. 34 years ago! Oh my, that makes me feel so old.

Time to do something about this. Access to the dome is at the west side of the Basilica: 4€ for children and 6€ for grown ups. Given the fantastic view you get from the top I think this is money well spent. 300 steps take you to the top. For me, the physical side of the ascent was fine, I've been living in Montmartre for long enough to have plenty of practice with stairs. The narrowness of the stairs, however, was a little challenging. Claustrophobics beware! As well as those prone to dizziness.

What helps the journey up to the top is the way you pop out at at different levels and get to admire the domes and roofscape 'eye-to-eye'.

Not to mention the gargoyles.

The textures and patterns on the domes are right there for you to enjoy.

I often admire the copper winged statue from ground level. Here I got to see it up close. 

Looking up.

Looking across: a copper lightening conductor.

Looking down: traces of copper, bleed across the roof.

And then of course there are the magnificent views across Paris. Towards La Défense ...

Towards the Eiffel Tower.

What's not to like?

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Southern Shutter Swatches.

I've written about Arles shutters before (here). I love pretty much everything about them, their colour, their weathered texture, with cracks and peeling paint that show the passage of time. During our holiday in Arles this summer I took some close up photos of a selection of these moveable window covers. Shutter swatches.

And here are some shutters in situ, looking wonderful against the creamy Arlesienne stone.

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